Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winter Girl

Beautiful tied hair and pale, white skin
Athletic jacket and petite feet skim across
the uphill road,
moist with little or no attention
Not yet a woman, she makes her way to the
phone booth
Enquiry about school work
Returns with water for the house.
Utters words of sweet affection
from lips of living red.
Cuddles nagging grandmother
Retires to her room, pushing pillows
Orders hot-pot, silently makes tea
Accelerates her fingers on the computer keyboard,
eyes full of light
yawns for speed, forgets meals
Fingers peppermint gum from school blazer
Decides to do something to her hair
Contemplates a local scarf
Rouge for the party,
and coloured cushions and new gossip for the long due sleepover
Revises what to say to rivals
Photos of glam friends and the weirdo
Diary entry, lifetime experience.

Rajorshi Basu
B.A. (H) English 1st year
Ramjas college