Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bright Days

The bright days that we had
Are past us, a new world awaits
I have no expectations, I ask no more
But then how glorious it would be
To have a few more

I want to see more of you
There are times when I miss
And then times when I desire
Sometimes feels like fire
I have things to share
For which chocolates do not suffice
I am scared and scarred
Of these games of cat and mice
The new world calls me
To break the ice

I find solace in the sky
Feels like your gaze
I find discomfort even
Disappointment in my own place
Dreams fulfilled aren't a substitute
When desires subside
Even though i have
I fall short and miserably so
I need those few more
The moments we had are now past us
A do ask for more - let's call it a show
And have a few more

-Arpit Kumar
B.A. (Hons.) English; I Year
(written on - June 7 , 2009)


Angel of love!!! said...
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Angel of love!!! said...

and yet the sky and earth alike
still lull me to that dreamless sleep
because no dream, desire or lie
compares my flawless reality

Though one can never wish enough
and yet a wish is all i make
to let the past be a memory
and live my life for the future's sake...

or future aside, let me live the present
and i will never ask for more,
coz horizon is just imagination
a dream i see sitting on the shore...