Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I have come thine life,
To soothe and
To cherrish thy enthusiastic mood.
I blow the breeze that wrafts,
The paean of your merry victory,
To the manfolk who denies your glory.
and thus make thou bole,
Out of the melee of the dolt.
As the mood of melancholy descends,
Upon those who seeks my shelter,
As if i bind them with tether.
Why do they blame me?
For i am only a reaction,
They are the one who performed the action.
But above all,
I do carry positive vibes;
For the one who tries 
To recollect their slivered dreams
And rekindle into his boulevard of success.
You may say 'Let success reign;
for failure pains'.
But thou should remember
'I still remain the pillar of success.'
                       B.Sc. Phy(H)1st year

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